Man's Best Friend

Dogs Really Are Man's Best Friend 

Dogs are a tradition in millions of families everywhere. There is just something about a dog's unconditional love that can pick up your day when you're feeling down, help you relax after a stressful time, and even help you celebrate your accomplishments. Dogs have a way to tapping into our emotions and taking a special place in our hearts. 

Why? Scientists say dogs used to live in packs, the equivalent of a family in the animal world. So they just naturally become part of our families. Today's breeds have been specially developed over time to be even more human like, loving, and an even bigger part of the family. 

It can be refreshing when your dog enthusiastically greets you when you return from a long day at work. It's often a wonderful way to start your morning when you open your eyes to your dog gently tickling your nose. Oh yes, it's time to get up and serve her favorite food. 

And although allergy doctors will tell you not to, more than a few of us let our dogs sleep with us on cold nights. Back in earlier times our ancestors kept warm by sleeping with their dogs. It's a practice that goes back thousands of years. 

More recently dogs have been used to help the elderly keep their spirits up, to help children recover from serious trauma, and to assist individuals who have physical and developmental handicaps. Dogs can be our therapists who always know exactly what we need to heal and feel better. 

Psychologists often point to dogs as a welcome solution in a world that is increasingly lonely and isolated. Dogs can give solo individuals family they can come home too while easing the stresses that sometimes accompany large family groups. 

No matter what your situation, a dog's love and affection are going to help you live a better life. Watching your dog enjoy the back yard, see the fun he has when barking at birds, or when simply taking a nap on a sunny day. These small things help us better connect with the important things in life. 

Give your dog a hug and a pet. Make sure he or she is getting the right nutrition to be healthy. And thank your special pooch for being such an important part of your life.

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